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Jao Sao Jum Yorm
Status: [stt/ EP 16/16]


[stt/ EP 16/16] [info] [+] Jao Sao Jum Yorm Dramacool ZONE [nd] Synopsis: The wedding day turns into a nightmare for Maysarin: the groom left her right at the altar. To forget what happened, she went to a party at the beach. There, Mae met real estate businessman Ketden, who just had a wedding too, but his bride ran off with another man. The two started drinking and people mistakenly thought they were a couple. So they went along with it and jokingly decided to get married. Afterwards, they got drunk and spent the night together. In the morning, Mae regreted what happened last night and decided to forget everything. She tries to escape, but Ket does not intend to let her go …
Also known as: เจ้าสาวจำยอม, When I Marry A Stranger/Unwilling Bride , Servitude Bride , Jao Sao Jum Yorm 2018 [/nd] [br/EngSub] [EP #16|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODg0&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+16&typesub=SUB] [EP #15|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODgz&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+15&typesub=SUB] [EP #14|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODgy&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+14&typesub=SUB] [EP #13|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODgx&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+13&typesub=SUB] [EP #12|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODgw&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+12&typesub=SUB] [EP #11|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODc5&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+11&typesub=SUB] [EP #10|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODc4&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+10&typesub=SUB] [EP #9|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODc3&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+9&typesub=SUB] [EP #8|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODc2&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+8&typesub=SUB] [EP #7|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODc1&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+7&typesub=SUB] [EP #6|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODc0&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+6&typesub=SUB] [EP #5|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODcz&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+5&typesub=SUB] [EP #4|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODcy&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+4&typesub=SUB] [EP #3|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODcx&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+3&typesub=SUB] [EP #2|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODcw&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+2&typesub=SUB] [EP #1|https://dembed1.com/streaming.php?id=MTYxODY5&title=Jao+Sao+Jum+Yorm+episode+1&typesub=SUB] Thanapol Phangdee [/drt] [act] Mik Thongraya, Pooklook Fonthip Watcharatrakul, Bom Phongsakon Tosuwan, Toon Pimpawee Kograbin, Guy Ratchanont Suprakob [/act]
Country: Thailand
Update: 10/10/2022
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