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One The Woman (2021)
Status: [stt/ EP 16 HD English sub]


[stt/ EP 16 HD English sub] [info] [+] [nd] Synopsis: Jo Yong Joo is tough and rogue prosecutor who is the only daughter of a gangster leader. One day, while chasing a suspect who looks like her, she gets into a car accident, and when she wakes up from a coma, she is mistaken for another woman. Yeon Joo’s life changes dramatically as she becomes the youngest daughter of a chaebol and the daughter-in-law of BK Group, one of the leading groups in Korea. She had an arranged marriage that she didn’t want. Han Seung Wook is a chaebol who still has feelings for his first love. He returns to Korea to find out the truth about his father’s death. In the process of revealing the truth, he meets his first love again and tries not to lose what was given to him.
Original Network: SBS;
Also known as: 원 더 우먼 Won Deo Umeon/ Wonder Woman [/nd] [br/EngSub] [EP #16|] [EP #15|] [EP #14|] [EP #13|] [EP #12|] [EP #11|] [EP #10|] [EP #9|] [EP #8|] [EP #7|] [EP #6|] [EP #5|] [EP #4|] [EP #3|] [EP #2|] [EP #1|] [drt] Also known as: 원 더 우먼 Won Deo Umeon/ Wonder Woman [/drt] [act] Hwang Yeong Hee (1969), Jeon Kook Hwan (1952), Jeong In Ki (1966), Jin Seo Yeon (1983), Jo Dal Hwan (1981), Jo Seon Joo (1977), Kim Chang Wan, Kim Do Yeon (1999), Kim Jae Yeong (1988), Kim Won Hae (1969), Kim Yeong Hoon (The Boyz) (1997), Lee Ha Nui (1983), Lee Kyoo Bok (1981), Lee Sang Yoon (1981), Lee Won Geun (1991), Nah Yeong Hee (1961), Park Jeong Hwa (EXID) (1995), Song Seung Ha, Song Won Seok (1988), Ye Soo Jeong (1955) [/act]
Country: Korean
Update: 14/06/2022
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